Those balance issues

I was quite surprised to see other classes doing very well in Vanguard. Harkening back to release, I figured my clerical powers to use my DoTs, melee, and damage shields to slowly solo stronger (3 dot, or '.3') monsters with relative ease was fairly unique. My mind is still clouded with stories from friends playing broken-at-release classes having many struggles, sometimes even with .2(solo) monsters.

Today, while fighting 34.3 mobs at 34, a level 30 Sorcerer rolled along and started killing those same mobs (+4 level to him!) about twice as fast as I was. I don't know what his gear situation was or how heavily that played in, but I found it quite impressive. I do know that he collected a tombstone as I arrived, so it wasn't as 'safe' as Cleric, but perhaps if he was the same level as the mobs, it would be.

Later on, I spotted a level 30 paladin fighting three .3 mobs at once. I figured he was probably screwed a couple times, but there was a wall separating us so I wasn't able to provide assistance. I was quite impressed with his survival.

It seems maybe I had a mis-perception of the relative power levels in Vanguard. I am interested in the other classes although I have no intention of grouping with them, or making any more alts. If you were looking to try Vanguard, now is the time.. you never know when it will be shut down, and it will never get any more balanced/fixed than it is today.

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