Lesser Giantville (co-starring Halgarad’s Pants)

Well the clerical business was fine and such, but Goodman Dachish wanted to try something new and exciting.


We started a couple of Lesser Giants in their default homeland.  I expected myriad shortcomings, since as we all know, ‘Shoulda gone to Isle of Dawn’ is a likely mantra for new characters these days.


Corpses littered the landscape in pretty short order.. and I noticed the disconcerting trend wherein newbie quests gave only 10% xp. Having recently played Vom, I should have expected the crushing xp curve, but I didn’t expect it so soon.


Successfully we plumbed the depths of the spirit realm, or some facsimile. The spawn rate was pretty much instant, which was silly because I’m sure we were the only people in the zone. Our indomitable Escaped Wolf Pooches joined us after a previous quest.. in other games they would despawn after we completed, but not Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!


Simultaneous levelling for amusing side projects is always something. Later on we locked in a Brotherhood so we could keep at it.


We are hideous.


It seems like an awful lot of effort to build things like this in a cave, but I guess if I was a gnoll with a lot of time on my hands, who knows.


Our adventure is concluded for the day. I learned that a) Vanguard Druid might not be so bad, b) Isle of Dawn quest concentration, rewards, and theme beat the hell out of original content(which is well on its way to dressing me in a multicolor clown suit with no stats to speak of on it,) and c) The game is still crushing progression-wise despite years of development and a gradual, impending doom of depopulation rising over it. That was before it died, of course.. I’m under no delusions about this thing ever seeing an hour of Dev time again.

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