Only in EverQuest..well, maybe not

This morning before work I decided to run the Daily quests for a bit of XP on my Level 86 characters. The Level 80 daily was in Hills of Shade, to kill 5 Blackwaters.. These guys are undead that have got a huge camp in the middle of the zone, so no problem.

After I got there and killed my first pull worth of them, I see some red con guy(SK by the look of it) run by me, and it sort of looked as if he deliberately pulled all the mobs around me. Well, whatever.. I moved to another spot and killed a couple more.. only 1 left! Again the guy zips around, pulling like 10 mobs in his wake. Finally, despite almost the entire village being dead, I found a 2-pull and grabbed that, since I didn't know if I'd be able to find a single in light of the mass destruction going on.

Must have been the last straw for the guy, as he shouted 'The village is camped, Thanks.'

I guess nowadays you can go to content that's 15 levels lower than you are such that you can kill them 10 at a time, destroy everything, and then feel righteous indignation enough to yell at people for daring to pull 5 or 6 of them for their daily quest. Learning fun new things!

Modern EverQuest: Lay claim to entire zones of content and feel like it's Good Behavior(tm).