First order of business

I awake at Konarthi point, and know one thing for certain: I have to get out of this place. There does not appear to be much to do here, and unfortunately I forget how travel works in this world. I believe many years ago I made jewelry here, however that is not something I’ll be looking into at present.

By land, or by sea? Konarthi Point is isolated in Southeastern Thestra, and it looks to be a ride across half of the continent to find something worth doing. It is a port, however.. Vanguard

..and my trusty boat the Missing Eye still seems seaworthy.


I stopped off at a small island to test out my combat mettle against a Menacing Swamp Krokodus.. an easy victory. I’m seeing a lot of houses along the shoreline where it was not previously buildable before, such as the swamp southwest of Konarthi Point. The depth limitation on my sloop (250 meters) is making the journey west harder than it could be.

The amount of people LFG for ‘X, Y, or any XP’ is kind of alarming, frankly.



I crashed my ship into the rocks near the Troll Coast and found the nearby island inhabited with Level 56 monsters with 4+ dots. This, if I recall, means full group level stuff (at least) and wasn’t the level cap 50? It would seem as though it’s not, because I see some people claiming to be 55 in LFG.



I put to ground south of Keldorin’s Wall, as the walls of New Targonor are unapproachable by sea except via the annoying docks district that I have no intention of running all the way through to get out to land. My destination: Southwatch, where hopefully some level appropriate fun awaits.



One thing I’ll say for Telon’s mountains: They’re steep.



A unicorn named Telordaen wants to know if I’ve seen the rest of his herd, which he believes was slain 50 years ago. No such luck.



I haven’t been doing very well at this ‘Finding a way up past the damn mountains’ business, but I did find some near (and thankfully unoccupied) ruins.



I figured I should be able to take out a 33.2 mob, being level 32 and all.. it was a closer fight than I’d prefer. And only worth .29% xp! It dropped a Collection item, no idea how to use it though.


Walking while casting is goddamned awesome.



This feels like the long way to Southwatch.



Mining is dangerous. Well, if you don’t clear all the monsters first and aggro 2 at once, anyway. Lessons learned: You lose a lot of xp when you die. It was about 6% of my level I’m guessing.. more than I had earned the entire session. You also lose any gear that is not soulbound. Mysteriously, most of my gear is Bind on Equip, but not actually bound to me(despite being equipped.) I’m guessing this gear was changed over the years with patches and the flags were reset. Inconvenient time to find out! The good news is if you recover your corpse you get ~85% xp back. Stuff from your bags even goes back to the same places it was before, provided nothing else occupies that space.



Take that, tree! <3 Vanguard harvesting.



Behold, Southwatch! It’s more like Westwatch, but I guess given Old Targonor’s position it makes sense. Sure isn’t much to look at. Time to take a well earned break.

Vom’s Telon adventure

Vom, Vanguard

Exploration of the dead worlds must of course begin somewhere, so let it be with my Cleric, Vom (seen above, only missing everything but his eyes and mouth.) The screenshot is old, I’m not sure you can still get this to happen.

Vom is still logged out at Konarthi Point, which if my memory serves is in Eastern Thestra(itself the northernmost continent of three.)