The world died and I missed it

Starwars Galaxies ended service on December 15th 2011.  I really wanted to be there for it, but the initial communication about the shutdown was rather misleading.  It wasn’t the final shutdown that caught me out, but the deadline to re-subscribe.  The vague guess given was “end of september”, but in reality it was the middle, right when I was moving halfway across the country.
And no amount of favors or friends could fix it, and so I spent my evening in the newer, and yet older Starwars the Old Republic.  I’ll not even attempt comparisons as they are so vastly different.  Apples and oranges are at least both fruit.
What I will do is leave you with another’s eye-witness account of the end.  As a stranger to the game, he has a unique perspective, and doesn’t get mired in the years of history.
Paste Player - SWG End