Ah, archaeology.

It happens whenever you come back to something you abandoned.. Who knows how I ended up with these quests? Did I ever have a chance at completing them even then? I think it’s time to abandon them. My new role in Telon pretty much precludes doing Group quests, although maybe I could solo some of the older ones at this point. I’ve got a really lower level solo quest too, maybe it was broken at the time?

[35sG] Lover’s Quarrel

[32G] Recover the Stolen Supplies

[27G] Mostly Dead But Not All Dead

[26G] Meteoric Studies

[25sG] Spider Samples

[23G] The Crux of Castle Landsview

[18] Glimpse of the Past

While figuring this out, I was very excited to spot another player.

I upgraded some gear with cheap drops off the AH. For some reason it feels like it’s going to be all downhill from here though.. when I last played I knew a crafter who made me stuff, now I’m floating in a fairly shallow economy where the server-wide channels barely produce any scroll.


My silly built-in game character blog is here.

 Vanguard Founder claim

It turns out I’ve got some /claims coming to me. One of them(sadly 1 per account and not one per char) gives me a giant bag with a movement speed buff on it. Vanguard doesn’t seem to have horrible inventory problems like LOTRO, though.

Vanguard Greater Frightback

It turns out there are some pretty creepyscary monsters out there, such as this one. Kind of your standard issue undead wolf I suppose, but it was pretty strong and had a good debuff.

Vanguard item discovery

One funny side effect of playing now, roughly a month after the final Vanguard server merge, is that you can get ‘new’ discoveries. This will likely happen a lot as I am clueless and keep wandering around doing content that is outside of the ‘optimal leveling track.’

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