Denc Wormington: A return to the depths of Befallen


Befallen has long been a gathering ground for evil, which also means it’s been a gathering ground for adventurers. I wonder what it was initially, on first glance a crypt seems apparent given the undead, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coffin hereabouts.



You can’t get far in Befallen without opening a few locked doors, which usually means getting the key. Fortunately for me, I have no need for such things.




Befallen Necromancer

Every nook and corner of this place features either a necromancer or one of their undead servants. The fighting stays to a minimum and the sneaking to a maximum, as for those of us who can’t snap our fingers and appear back at a city, prospects of escape are dismal.


Befallen zombie

Curiously, the zombies in Befallen seem to have fared worse than those out in the world at large.




Boondin Babbinsbort

Strangely plain clothes for a necromancer here. I guess having phantasmal skulls perpetually falling away from your hands makes up for that sort of thing, though. Perhaps I shall leave him a note saying I enjoyed my visit, no time to say hello for now.


Befallen dead shadowknight

The residents remain polite and friendly when I do introduce myself however, this fine woman provided me with keys to go deeper when I found to my shame that my lockpicking was too rusty to continue.



Bone Bladed Claymore

Well, how about that. I’m guessing the Burning Dead won’t invite me back soon, and I might even be off their Frostfell card list, but all things considered the trip was worth taking. For now I long to be back out in the sun or at least the stars.

-Denc Wormington, ex-rogue

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