Denc Wormington, Once, upon the Desert of Ro..

North Ro

North Ro seems to have been hit with some kind of tidal wave, changing it all from relative flatness to rolling hills. At least the fire beetles here look normal, unlike those I saw in Misty Thicket.

North Ro greenery

One byproduct of the change is that the greenery extends much further south now. I suppose that’s a good thing, but with these rolling hills everywhere it can be hard to tell exactly where you are.




North Ro platform

‘The platform’ is what I remember this place as. Given few other landmarks in this desert, hunters would gather here to rest, fighting giant scarabs, spiders, and undead nearby.




North Ro mummy

The undead seem a bit more terrifying than I recall. More than once I got a bit too close to the undead ruins, and had to make a break for the East Commonlands tunnel.




North Ro undead camp train

North Ro Vamenn

After resting until morning, I found Vamenn nearby in the desert. I still carry this lantern around, but I really like day much more than night in places like this. Probably wouldn’t have seen him in the dark.




Savage Vamenn attacks a madman

Vamenn possesses an uncommon brutality for Magicians, or Erudites for that matter. This wanderer started yelling about mirages before the savage beatings began. He won’t be seeing any more mirages, but he did deliver to us some water flasks, always nice in the desert.



Events rapidly descended into chaos as a rapid slaughter of everything that moved in the platform area picked up momentum. But that’s just fine.. that’s about how I remember it.North Ro chaos

Too bad about the hour we spent infected with Rabies, though.


-Denc Wormington, ex-rogue

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