Denc Wormington: Raid at dawn, and the Oasis of Marr

Dervish Camp

Retracing my footsteps is hard when so much happened all jumbled together in a short period of time. I’ve decided to stage a raid on the Dervish camps in North Ro, but I’m not yet ready to cross Dorn B’Dynn and his foreign masters.

Dervish Cutthroats

But there are other camps, and their occupants are well pleased to join me for a relaxing morning by the sea.

We discuss the finer points of weapon maintenance, and practice disarming.



Dervish Cutthroat corpses


They tire easily, however, so I let them have a much-needed rest.




Talking to the locals about the Oasis of Marr is confusing. The vendor-woman I approached earlier referred to it as ‘in South Ro’, which is strange to be, because South Ro was further south than the Oasis itself. Feeling invigorated by my morning with the Dervishes, I retrieved a second dagger for my use from their belongings and headed down towards Oasis to see things for myself.

South Ro - Oasis of Marr

Ahh, how refreshing. Although the locals refer to it as South Ro now, the Oasis still seems about as I remember it. Perhaps these things change in the years I have been away.

a caiman

Starting from the bottom, I find caiman to be an adequate challenge.

Diving into the water to search for more, I swim around for a time before coming to a strange conclusion: There are no crocodiles in the water any longer. Suddenly I wonder if the water has gone poisonous, and immediately exit back to land.


Oasis gypsy camp

I don’t recall exactly what the issue has been between the gypsies and I, but they have never liked me. Perhaps they’ve caught my furtive glances at their wagons full of belongings.. still, it’s quite inconvenient to have to find other vendors sometimes.



Oasis beach house

They’ve really built up the beach houses by the dock, and it appears as though they’ve got permanent occupants now as well. How far we’ve come!




Oasis Spectre Tower

The tower at the center of the oasis remains a dreary reminder of evil, with its spectre guardians menacing any who come near. Deathfist orcs patrol in the distance. With this image in mind I guess things have not come so far after all. The sand giants seem to have primarily holed up in the hills, so that’s something.


a deepwater crocodile

But I came here to train myself fighting the indigenous reptiles, not ponder creatures I cannot defeat. Perhaps someday I will return.




North Ro monument

Until then I bid thee farewell, Desert of Ro.


-Denc Wormington, ex-rogue

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