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In this last year of lunacy I ended up spending a bunch of money and picking up a bunch of things. One of these has been my habit of long-term preorders. I generally stick to game-related stuff, but anime and manga stuff creeps in here and there. A couple boxes of things just came in today, and I feel like posting something. Above you see the hideous Excellent Model Amazon figure, from their Dragon’s Crown series. Really, I bought it for completionism’s sake, because I have the Sorceress figure, and a reprint of the Elf figure(which is probably the most amazing sculpt I’ve ever seen) on preorder. You can also see Tiki on the table there with her, but she’s not new.


The primary thing to my liking about this figure is the eyes.. she looks like she’s ready to kill and she’s perfectly ok with it. The sculpt is of course a good representation of the game art(ridiculous proportions, missing nipples, etc.)


Sonsaku Hakufu is the main character of Ikki Tousen, an anime/manga. This is a nonstandard representation of her both styling and color palette, which I found interesting. Although she’s the main character, Hakufu is around the 4th most popular female on the show. I left the top wrapped as it came in the package to prevent someone in IRC from reading this post and getting all pissed at me. In the show it’s pretty much assured that any time a fight breaks out, some clothes are getting ripped off, and the figures work accordingly.



Misty from Shining Hearts. Japan only game series. Looking into it further, there were anime adaptations, I guess I should find those. The sculpt was really interesting to me, and surprisingly her super-long hair is flexible enough to not get ruined easily. I like how the packaging includes that selective elimination filter type pattern that people use to help them visualize someone naked.



Just in case you made it this far without feeling disconcerted by all of this. Any time I used even a little bit of flash on this one it washed the whole thing out.



Fortunately, she’s resilient. I don’t feel like going to check, but I think this one’s titled ‘Student Council President’ and is based on a magazine cover illustration. In a sense I buy figures like this one to protect my hermit status, as I imagine anyone who comes over will never return after seeing these around.



Saotome Maria from the ‘Sex Life’ visual novel. The figure itself is ridiculous, but the bath set that came with it is… amazing. As I unpackaged this thing I think I added weeks to my lifespan marveling at the notion that people are able to produce such high quality stuff as their job. I had to use the flash photo to get any detail(I wasn’t feeling like pulling out a real camera so I superhalfassed it with my phone) and sadly the flash washed out the tub details but.. the tub itself is actual ceramic, and heavy as a brick. The wall/floor attach nicely together and look pretty authentic. The hose for the showerhead is a real metal cable, and the faucet knobs even work. There is no way something like this would be made in USA. One bad thing though, I was taking off her outfit exactly according to the instructions and the little yellow ribbon just popped off. All the extra parts are assembled there on that little cushion, which is what the figure would sit on if you didn’t get the ridiculous bathtub playset. They don’t call it a playset, but it’d be more fun if they did. That ribbon that she’s wrapped in was in the packaging underneath the tub to help you pull it out.. I figured I’d reuse it to make her vaguely photo-safe.

I’ll probably chop up the boxes and laminate the good pieces of artwork to use as decoration for where the figures end up living. Currently it’s pretty empty looking there sitting beside my painting table:


I suppose clearing away some of the junk piled up couldn’t hurt either, but one thing at a time. It took a lot of energy to even get myself to open up the new boxes, with their dreadful New Plastic Smell™.

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