Denc Wormington, Blackburrow and points east

With some of my newfound wealth, I picked up some arms and armor. Wouldn’t do to get gutted right out of the gate. There’s even some funny lion statues you can ride around on these days, but I don’t trust ‘em much.

Uncle B and I set out from Qeynos with a bounty on Gnoll Fangs. The logical choice was Blackburrow. It was right where I remember it.

Blackburrow entrance


Since I didn’t have any nephews hanging around, I hired an armsman to back me up, name of Keuvin. I think Keuvin’s a dumb name and I told him so. I kept the dumb looking part to myself.




Inside Blackburrow, we worked our way down to the lower level. Back in the day, you’d have a dozen men and women here, fighting back the gnoll menace.

Blackburrow downstairsBut here it was, not a soul in sight, and the gnolls didn’t seem that much more menacing. You’d think they’d have overrun Qeynos. Maybe those lines we got fed about them trying to kill us all were lies, maybe they just want to be left alone. Well, no sense getting all introspective now, seeing as I stabbed about fifteen of them on the way in.



Blackburrow giant snake

It looks like all those jokers killing snakes finally finished them off, but the gnolls seem to have gone out and got a different kind to replace them. Worse yet, these new snakes will gang up on you if you make ‘em angry, so I moved on. Would’ve fancied one of those big fangs for old time’s sake.




I met a fellow old-timer down in the tunnels, name of Vamenn. He was one of those magicians or whatever you call them. I could tell because he had some little elemental gremlin following him around.

We made our way around the bowels of Blackburrow, but when it came time for me to be eyeballing up the Commander, I just didn’t feel up to snuff. I hadn’t really admitted it to myself, but those years of not being fed enough, not doing any training or fighting, being prison-sick and beat down have really brought me low. I’ve been holding this lantern in my off hand, figuring I need the light, but really I feel such a weakness in that arm I don’t think I could strike with a dagger.


Soon enough, it was time to leave Blackburrow, and I wanted to continue on my journey. Qeynos felt like doubling back, so I handed my gnoll fangs to Vamenn, and told him where to collect the bounty.




I remember Uncle B had quite the stash of gnoll fangs, and I guess it was impressive in itself that he could even go hand them in. He was an Iksar, you see, and Qeynos sorts don’t usually favor them much.. I guess he wasn’t really my uncle so much as a family friend with a convenient need of a helper at an adventurous time in my life. I still called him Uncle B.

West Karana border

Next thing I knew we were headed East into the Karanas, and I wouldn’t be back home for some time.


-Denc Wormington, ex-rogue

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